Business Travel Arrangement

How can it be easier and more convenient?

Our experienced professionals ensure a quick, reliable, and above all, money saving and efficient service.

What we offer

Why JTB?
Preparing your business trip is one of the things you wish to spend less time and money on. As a longtime expert in business travel, we are here for your convenience and provide efficiency in every stage of your preparation: searching for the best deal, booking & paying without any hassle.
Asking us to arrange your trips leaves you with more time to focus on your business. You will also benefit from our experience in regard to creative ticketing. Our experienced staff offers not only the best price available but also combines fast reply with creative ideas.

Websites & Booking tools

Do it yourself…….or not

Booking websites and self-booking tools can be a great way to save money. But how cheap are they really if you consider the amount of time (read: money) it takes to find the best deal? Ever tried to change a reservation made via a website, or tried to get a refund? Not even to mention if you want to travel to multiple destinations in one trip. And what if you also need a train and/or hotel reservation and a visa?

Flight Tickets

Better route with better price. Start your journey here!

We sell tickets from all the major airlines including low cost carriers. Our creativity and knowledge will not only save you money on multi-destination trips but also for trips involving just one destination. You will be surprised to see how much money can be saved on (for example) a trip to London. With creative ticketing we are able to make tickets much cheaper.


For your comfortable good night’s rest

Experience the convenience of booking your accommodation together with your air travel. We can book your hotel of choice for competitive rates or offer a selection of hotels and rates best fitting your travel needs. We provide you with one comprehensive itinerary and invoice to streamline administrative procedures. Our one-stop service promises to save you valuable time and hassle. The best start for a comfortable stay and good night’s rest.


Smooth booking with clear instruction

From mini size cars to stretched limousines, we arrange rental cars at almost any place in the world. We not only do business with the major rental companies but we also check for reliable local companies. Before renting we check all the possible insurances involved when renting a car. We translate this in clear language and advice you. So you never pay too much for the car or pay for insurances you don’t need.


No need to go on search engines by yourself

Some destinations can be comfortably reached by train. City center connections may provide a good alternative to air travel with less transfer time to your business destination. Let us know your travel plans and we will find the departure/arrival times which meet your schedule requirements. Thanks to our cooperation with NS International we are able to offer competitive fares for the European high speed train network. And our service does not stop here. Contact us about a train arrangement for your destination. Have a wonderful journey!


No boundaries

We can advise you about any visa requirements. Depending on the destination and your nationality you can apply for your visa directly via JTB. When arranging your visa via JTB you will be insured that all the documentation is correct and valid. You do not have to go to a consulate or embassy yourself.

Other services

Ask us more

We offer many more services. We have a special team ready for your Group and Events requests. And of course we also take excellent care of your VIP guests. But do you know we can also assist you when you have extra or oversized luggage? Or when you have special meal requests, like to arrange a meeting room in or near the airport? The list is endless. And so is our service.