The way we work

Reservation & ticketing process


  • Client: Request reservation
  • JTB: Confirms reservation by e-mail
  • JTB: On date of ticketing, requests to issue
  • Client: Confirms to issue or cancel
  • JTB: Sends e-ticket by e-mail or confirms cancellation

After receiving the travel request JTB makes a reservation. A reservation is not an e-ticket yet so can be changed or cancelled without any costs. A reservation will always be confirmed by e-mail. The person requesting the reservation is responsible that the reservation has been made according to the request and that all data is correct.


On the day of ticketing JTB informs the person requesting the reservation if the e-ticket can be issued. After receiving thisconfirmation JTB will issue the e-ticket. Without approval JTB will not issue an e-ticket.

The ticketing deadline is the latest date a ticket can be issued Without being cancelled by the airline or is the latest date a fare is valid. If no approval to print has been received the airline will cancel the reservation automatically or cancels the validity of the fare. The ticketing deadline date varies depending on the airline, fare conditions and/or date of departure. It can happen that an e-ticket has to be issued on the same day of reservation. E-tickets with many low cost carriers (LCC) have to be issued at the moment of reservation and cannot be put ‘on hold’.


After receiving the approval to issue JTB will send an e-mail with the e-ticket number. Only from this moment changing and cancellation conditions of the e-ticket are applicable.